An Insider’s Look with Lucy Bonino

With Opening Night of The Comfort Team a little over 24 hours away, we asked Lucy Bonino, the Old Dominion University junior who plays Joella “Jo” Smith in the play, to give us a little inside scoop of the rehearsal process, how it feels to work with professional actors on a professional stage and how it differs from the college actor rehearsal process.

Lucy Bonino

“Hi, I’m Lucy Bonino, and I play Jo in VSC’s new show, The Comfort Team. Jo is the seventeen-year old teen mom with the mohawk and dog collar who’s also homeless.

It’s been crazy at times, trying to balance rehearsal with class and some semblance of a social life, but it’s all been worth it so far. Rehearsals last about seven hours every day, excluding Mondays, and it’s a lot of hard work. This isn’t something I could just blow off or phone in at the last second; it requires firm and unyielding commitment.  Going from college theatre to professional theatre has taught me an astounding amount even in the short time I’ve been working on this internship. First of all, the level of professionalism with which my co-workers operate on is almost intimidating. Everyone is “all in” the first day and keeps laser sharp focus throughout. At first it’s overwhelming, but it makes it easy to mimic. I find myself trying daily to match their level of intensity and focus at rehearsals. College theatre is more about learning and experimenting with new things, and having everything spelled out for you — professional theatre is nothing like that. I’ve had to have a lot of things explained to me, and you’re just expected to be up to date on it all. Everything in the process has a purpose, whereas with college theatre it’s a lot of putting things off and waiting for other people.

Lucy Bonino as Joella “Jo” Smith in
The Comfort Team
Photo by Samuel Flint

It’s easy to see how much experience all of the actors have with every choice they make. They actively seek to solve any problem whether technical or innate, however menial it may seem, on stage. The attention to detail is what is the starkest difference from college theatre, in my opinion.

I’ve learned a lot from the rehearsal process, and from the few previews we’ve had. Everyone has been really welcoming and warm, and I’ve grown to really appreciate all of those involved in the production and their patience with me. I’ve never played a role like Jo, and I’m grateful and humbled to have even received it. I’m learning new things with each passing day in the theatre, and can’t wait to see what the future performances have in store for this show.”

The Comfort Team is the next play in Virginia Stage Company’s American Soil series, a series which celebrates the stories of Hampton Roads, past & present. This moving new story follows a group of military spouses brought together by duty and bound by honor and friendship. Fates intertwined, the group transcends their differences as they stand by one another through dramatic events that change their lives forever. Meet Vicky, Chandra, Mrs. Yates, Jo, Barbie, and Lt. Gonzalez and share their joys and challenges on the homefront. Run time is approximately 2:15 (including the 15 minute intermission)

Want see to Lucy along with her fellow cast members in The Comfort Team? Opening Night is Friday night, Novmeber 2 at 8pm and the show runs through November 18. Visit our website at for information about the play, the dates & times, as well as our Homefront Courage events, which honor military spouses for their dedication to their families and their countries everyday.
To learn more about Homefront Courage and what we are doing to thank our military spouses CLICK HERE.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION! Let your voice be heard. Let us know what you think about the show by CLICKING HERE and leaving us a comment on our Facebook. The only thing we ask is that you don’t give away the ending.

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