Reasons Not To Miss The Final Weekend…

Our production of Deborah Brevoort’s The Comfort Team has gotten a lot of attention in the press! So it is bittersweet to go into this weekend for the final performances on our stage. Our patrons have given many reasons to not miss this show via email, Facebook and word-of-mouth. Here are just a few:

I enjoyed the performance of the Comfort Team very much. I’m not a member of the Navy family but have lived in the area for 30 years and have friends who fit these roles perfectly. This work is a great picture of the pride, pain and lives of the families that serve. Thanks so much.
– Jean J. (Facebook)
My husband (a 26 yr navy veteran) & I saw “The Comfort Team” today. It brought back quite a few memories and a discussion about how communications have changed. We had mail, MARS radio, telegrams, and the occasional port visit phone call. The Play seemed to focus a lot on the roles of the CO’s wife (Chandra) , the Officer’s wife (Marcia), the Omsbudsman (Vicky), the very young enlisted wife (Jo), & I can relate to those characters in the play.
– Jay N. (Facebook)
What a valuable addition to what should be a national conversation about the military and their families in today’s life. I was proud that VSC could present this and really found it engrossing.
– Ed L. (Facebook)
 As parents of a Navy wife whose husband was deployed during 9/11 and then again during ensuing war we could definitely identify with the conflicts of the characters.
- Marianne S. (Facebook) 

So along with the positive praise, what are some other reasons to see this show?  It truly speaks to Hampton Roads. This play was commissioned locally, is based on more than 40 interviews between locally based spouses and the playwright, and it’s set here in Norfolk. The set — designed by Terry Summers Flint — pays homage to this, with its backdrop of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, featuring fiber optic lights that sparkle beautifully during the darkness of scene changes.


Set Design by Terry Summers Flint

While Hampton Roads is home to an extensive military presence, it is rare that the civilian community gets to see into the intricacies of military life. What we see are supportive spouses, happy and strong. This play not only represents that public persona, but also shows the challenges and deep range of emotions behind the brave faces of military spouses.

Yes, Norfolk, VA was the perfect place to start the conversation about what it means to serve as a military spouse.  Reviews in The Washington Post and in The Virginian-Pilot both call for The Comfort Team to have a life beyond Hampton Roads.  Critics and audiences alike agree that the story is one that should be told across the country.

To read reviews of The Comfort Team please CLICK HERE

Don’t miss this show! Get tickets by visiting or by calling our Box Office at 757-627-1234. There are only 5 shows left, through Sunday, November 18 at 2 pm.

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2 thoughts on “Reasons Not To Miss The Final Weekend…

  1. michele says:

    Have you thought about extending this run, or showing it in another Hampton Roads venue, as there are so many military here?

    • vscmarketing says:

      Hi Michele – we are hoping to see The Comfort Team go on to other stages across the country and are looking at ways to make this happen. Many thanks for your support. ~ Marilyn

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