What Are You Thankful For?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

A day when we gather together to celebrate what we are thankful for. The first Thanksgiving (even though that was not its official name until years later) was held in the early 1620s between the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag to celebrate the first successful corn harvest for the colonists since arriving in Massachusetts. — Pardon the history lesson — Today, however, we gather together with family and friends to celebrate each other and what we are thankful for.

I asked the VSC team to tell me what they are thankful for this year:

“I’m thankful for Kind hearts, Creative minds, Joyous souls”
– Ryan Clemens, Resident Theatre Artist

“I’m thankful for being surrounded by creative, compassionate people – personally and professionally – who inspire me to do my best, support me if I fail, encourage me to keep trying, and appreciate my efforts.”
– Maggie Angulo, Accountant

“I am thankful for coffee, friends, family, and every donation VSC receives!”
– Moriah Mills, Development Associate

“I am thankful for good health, friends, and family who love and support each other.”
– Barb Lipskis, Development Director

“I am thankful [for] roadtrips and best friends, oh and green bean casserole.”
– Janelle Burchfield, Sales Director

“I am thankful for the people who have given me and gotten me through what has been one of the craziest years of my life.”
-Jessie Ciccolella, Properties Artisan

What are you thankful for?
Me? I am thankful for my friends & family, my job and (on a more superficial note) my Kindle.

Check out this awesome infographic I found about Thanksgiving, because a holiday wouldn’t be a holiday if there weren’t numbers involved. :)


Morgan Vaughan
Marketing Assistant
Virginia Stage Company

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One thought on “What Are You Thankful For?

  1. Mack Johnson says:

    Nice blog, Morgan! LOVE the infographic.

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